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Dr. Jay Herath

Dr. Jay is a university professor holds a doctorate in science & philosophy and bachelor's in chemistry & biology. He's successfully mentored and advised many high school/university students, professional athletes,Ivy leagues & students with challenges. A popular educator in US & Canada.

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Vancouver, Burnaby, UBC, New West, Tricities, North Vancouver

British Columbia: Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver

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Phone: 6042029444
Phone: 6045648194
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Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Pre arranged classes only

Type Fee
Individual  $80 - $130
Group  $20 - $40
Online  $60 - $80
E-mail  $40 - $60

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Tutoring Services and Experience
~Good teachers teach, great teachers inspire~

Dr. Jay Herath is a retired university professor of chemistry (Taught at Michigan and Colorado, Victoria and UBC universities. He was a former academic & career guidance director, team lead in research programs, foundation of scholarships and flexible & enhance learning programs advisor. He has been recognized for excellence in educational leadership and teaching at the university and college level and celebrates exceptional achievement in teaching and educational leadership.
Dr. Jay leads & engaged his team and students in the process of learning by helping them to develop the thinking and learning skills that form the foundation of a high-quality educational experience and achievement. Currently, he spearheads 1 edu Center, with commitment to academic achievement and a culture that fosters, supports and celebrates teaching excellence, safe and customized learning environment for students from various secondary and tertiary educational programs. His team of advisers, tutors and instructors have been recognized for their dedication, engagement and passion for teaching.
Dr. Jay teach chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, science and biology. His teaching starts with a diagnostic test and offers planned self studies, offers practice questions and past exams and test taking skill development & time management sessions based on individual educational needs. He prepares students for tests, quizzes and exams with extra curricular activities and other activities. His students are university all levels, IB/AP, SAT, SAT2, GRE and school grades 8 to 12.

Excellent service & obtained great results; Its not simply tutoring He'll guide and develop your test taking skills, time management, foundation of subject plus to stand above others in the education competition. He is an examiner/editor/moderator/proctor for standard tests, he will reveal how the exam questions are written and what's behind it and how to avoid wrong answer even if you don't know the answer in MCQs. He share success stories with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, business, engineering, medical & legal professionals.

Reference will be provided upon request, all grade 12/IB/AP students admitted to universities and some admitted to Ivy league & Russell group, If you dream Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, MIT, UBC, Queen’s
Contact Dr. Jay's office, if you are aiming Law school, Business school, Engineering or Medical school in USA, UK or Canada, free an evaluation and work plan for your learning goal, he’ll guide to achieve your dream.

High school: Chemistry
College and University: Chemistry

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