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Welcome to - a free community driven tutoring services directory. Tutors can advertise their services here and people who are interest in tutoring services can search for tutors as well as express their opinions regarding the quality of the services they have received from tutors. That's basically it. The site usage is governed by the terms of use.

How to search for tutors
There is a bunch of select boxes on the home page that allow you to choose a search criteria. Province, City/Town, Subject Category and Subject are mandatory, others are optional. If there are tutor profiles in the database matching your search criteria they will be displayed on the search result page along with the short descriptions. If you are interested in a particular tutor click the tutor's name to view the tutor profile that contains additional information related to the tutoring services - rates, tutoring locations, subjects, detailed description, etc. At any moment you can return to the search result page or home page using the navigation bar on top of the page. Here is a short description of the search options:

Province - this one is self-explanatory enough.

City/Town - the location where you expect to find a tutor (depends on Province selection).

Subject Category - Primary School, High School, College and University, etc.

Subject - the subject you are searching a tutor for (depends on the Subject Category selection).

Lesson Type - allows you to specify a particular lesson type: in person, group, online, e-mail. By default, the search returns tutors providing any lesson type from selected city/town. If the online or e-mail lesson types are selected the tutoring location selection is ignored.

Tutor Type - enables selection between the private tutors and tutoring companies if you have any specific preferences. By default all possible options returned in search results.

Lesson Language - a language that will be used during the lesson. Don't confuse it with the foreign language lessons. If you are looking for a Math tutor and you need a tutor who can conduct the lesson in Spanish, this is the place to specify Spanish.

Sort by - specifies the order in which the results will be presented: by name in alphabetical order, by tutor rating (highest to lowest); the unrated tutors sorted in alphabetical order after all rated tutors, by the lesson fee/price (lowest to highest); tutors with no fee/price specified are sorted in alphabetical order after all tutors with specified price. Sorting by the fee/price only works if the lesson type is selected.

Hint: If you don't see your City/Town in the selection list try places that are close to you, there is a chance that you might find a tutor there.

Hint: If you don't see the exact subject try something close - there is a chance that you will find a tutor there. For example if you are looking for a High School Calculus tutor try searching for a High School Math tutor. Calculus is a subset of math so there is a good chance that a math tutor will be willing to help you with calculus.

In addition to the advanced tutor search described above there is a quick tutor search that allows you to search tutors by keywords. The quick search box is located at the top of the most pages. Keep in mind that if you created your tutor profile recently it may not be yet available in quick search results.

Note: Please exercise caution when dealing with people you found online. We do not verify the information provided by tutors or tutoring companies. The same applies to the reviews on the site. Do your due diligence and use your best judgment before engaging anyone's services. If you provide tutoring services it is a good idea to exercise caution too. Make sure that you have been approached by a legitimate customer before doing any further steps.

How to register your tutoring services in the database
Just click the register your tutoring service link and you will be guided through the sequence of steps creating your tutor profile. The registration is absolutely free. You can change your profile at any time after it was activated using the edit your profile link.

The following link provides the statistics about the tutoring rates across Canada.

The following link provides the tutor listings by location view of the site. For your convenience we recommend using the site's tutor search functionality to find a tutor you need.

If you wish to remove your profile from our database please send us an email to the address listed below.

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