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Patient and Helpful
By: Ryan
Review Date: Jun 30, 2016
Tutor Rating:
I was struggling a lot with Pre-Calculus 11 before having Henry to tutor me. Henry showed me how to approach each question and helped me fully understand the materials. Thanks Henry!
Excellent Tutor!
By: Kim
Review Date: Sep 1, 2014
Tutor Rating:
Henry has been my daughter's Math tutor for the past 2 years. He is patient and pinpoints the areas in Math where my daughter needs help. My daughter's grades has steadily improved since hiring Henry. We look forward to a great Pre-Calculus 12 year when school is back!
Expert in Math
By: Niko
Review Date: Sep 4, 2013
Tutor Rating:
I took Pre-Calculus 11 online with Henry last year as it was a requirement for me to go into UBC. Math has never been my strong subject, but Henry was able to explain the concepts to me in a way that I understand. I've tried watching video tutorials from the online course before seeking Henry's help but I barely managed a pass. The tutoring lessons has helped so much that I managed to get a final mark of 83%. Henry was very good at breaking down how a question is marked so that I can score as high as I can for each question. Thanks again for helping me get into UBC!
Thanks for helping me through Math 12!
By: Scott
Review Date: Sep 6, 2011
Tutor Rating:
I have gotten A's in most other subjects but have struggled mightily in math. I was worried that without passing Math 11, I will not be able to make it into post-secondary.

I am very thankful to have Henry's assistance in the last 2 terms of Math 11. His patience working with me step by step allowed me to understand the concepts better. What's great about Henry is the questions he came up with to check my understanding. I feel a lot more confident writing tests after Henry's help. Thank you Henry for all your help! I have completed my math requirement and have been accepted to UBC.
Very helpful, highly knowledgeable tutor
By: Brian
Review Date: Sep 9, 2010
Tutor Rating:
I went to Eric Hamber Secondary. I had Henry as a tutor since I was in grade 10. Finishing with a C+ in grade 9 math, I asked Henry to tutor me. My grades improved to a B in the first term of grade 10 and finished with an A by the final term. I maintained an A throughout grade 11 and 12, and am now attending university.

Henry is highly knowledgeable and is very clear in explaining the materials. He uses different analogies and examples to explain difficult materials, which I found very helpful. I highly recommend Henry as a tutor!

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