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SFU Math 155
By: Jannet
Review Date: Jul 21, 2016
Tutor Rating:
He helped me with SFU Math 154 and Math 155. I recommend him for these courses strongly.
Very professional
By: Sonya
Review Date: May 26, 2016
Tutor Rating:
Mr. Azizi was very professional, prompt and courteous. He was also extremely patient, and put me at ease even though I started highly stressed. He worked with me on each problem I asked about, and made excellent, clear notes that I was able to go over later. I highly recommend him.
Linear Algebra
By: Karen
Review Date: Mar 14, 2016
Tutor Rating:
Sam helped me with my linear algebra course. He was alright!
GRE Tutor
By: Malek
Review Date: Jul 23, 2015
Tutor Rating:
I had 10 sessions of learning GRE with Sam and he taught me different topics of that. I guess he is a very god teacher and explains every thing in details. He is also very patient. I recommend him for math tutoring.
Suggested for GMAT
By: Luis Kooner
Review Date: Jul 16, 2015
Tutor Rating:
He taught me GMAT, and although I had graduated long time ago, with Sam's helpe, I got 520 in GMAT exam which was great and enough for my purpose. I definitely recommend him for math tutoring.
By: Joan
Review Date: Jul 6, 2015
Tutor Rating:
He helpe me a lot in Math 101 which is a difficult course for UBC students. I recommend him for tutring.
Pre-Calculus 12
By: Yas
Review Date: May 23, 2015
Tutor Rating:
He helped me in the Pre-Calculus 12 and I passed the course with 92. He is a very good tutor and he has his own packages of Per-Calculus which were so helpful.
Ranked #1
By: Poria
Review Date: Mar 31, 2015
Tutor Rating:
I rank him number one, because
1. he has a vast knowledge of the topics he teaches
2. He is very inexpensive comparing to his experience and also comparing to other tutors fee.
3. he is very patient with the studet
Linear Algebra Tutor
By: Elaine
Review Date: Mar 2, 2015
Tutor Rating:
He taught me UBC course of Linear Algebra and I strongly recommend him for tutoring. He is very experienced and helped me in homework and explained me all the topics.
Best Math tutor for Calculus and Linear Algebra
By: John
Review Date: Dec 17, 2014
Tutor Rating:
I am a student from UBC and he helped me in the courses Linear Algebra and Calculus. Simply I could not pass these courses without his help.
He is way better than my university professors.
If you really want to learn math, ask him to help you!
Besides his rate is inexpensive and very fair comparing to other tutors at the same level.
Very Good Tutor
By: Maria
Review Date: Oct 7, 2014
Tutor Rating:
He tutored me UBC Math 101 this Summer, and I found him very experienced in this course, and I admire his method of teaching. I strongly recommend him for tutoring.

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