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College level math , best tutor ever!!
By: Lina
Review Date: Apr 13, 2015
Tutor Rating:
Zachary has tremendously helped me through out my second semester of college level math, and with confidence I was able to pass with excellent marks. Zachary has a great way of teaching, he has been patient and understanding with what I found challenging, and yet Zachery managed to find a way to teach me in a way I would get. . I have had several other tutors before him, and I have paid top dollar. But Zachary wasn't like the others. Not only is his rate fair, he has been the best tutor by far. I can say with confidence that I am able to continue the math taught by Zachary on my own and will probably stick with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you !

P.s. I would highly recommend Zachary to anyone who is struggling with math.

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