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Conquering Calculus
By: Rachael
Review Date: Jun 6, 2016
Tutor Rating:
I seeked out Harry's help with grade 12 Calculus and found him so helpful with explaining concepts and making sure I understood the basics before moving on to more advanced mathematics. Harry helped me pass calculus with a great mark and I found his tutoring so positive that I also hired him to help me with first year University calculus which I also passed with a good mark. I definitely would not have had such a positive experience with these classes had it not been for Harry's help! Thanks again :)
Calculus Expert
By: Marium Shahid
Review Date: Feb 3, 2016
Tutor Rating:
Harry helped me with first year calculus, and helped me improve my grade. He made sure I understood the key concepts in every chapter, and also tested me once in a while to make sure I was understanding the course material.

Additionally, he was extremely patient with me and was willing to explain concepts to me over and over again if I was having difficulties. He was also really friendly and was flexible with timings too.

I will always go back to him for help if I ever need to! :)

Previous Student of His
By: Brianna Hamilton
Review Date: Jan 28, 2016
Tutor Rating:
Harry was a very good tudor to me and i had him for grade 10 academic math and grade 11 university math. He was a very good tudor, always made time for me and always made sure i understood something before we moved on. He really made you listen and learn and knows when i was dozing off or just nodded my head to move on. At the time I remember not liking it but now im very thankful for it because it actually made me do the work and then come the test i actually knew what was going on. He is very fair priced and provides his own transportation so he can get there whenever you need it. I remember if i needed him before a big test he would make time for me so we could go over something. He is a very kind and funny guy and was very nice to not only me but my family to.
Best tutor so far
By: Danny Zeiter
Review Date: Dec 8, 2014
Tutor Rating:
He is one of the best tutors i have had so far, he is very knowledgeable and patient.
He is also very flexible when it comes to adjusting times to fit to one's schedule.

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