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Excellent Teacher
By: Rob Ballantyne
Review Date: Oct 2, 2019
Tutor Rating:
When our son went to Ms. Aghakhani for Grade 11 math, he had been struggling and thought of himself as somebody who just couldn't do math. Ms. Aghakhani's no-nonsense, straight ahead approach to teaching not only led him to a great mark, it gave him back his confidence and convinced him that math isn't that hard, after all.

We owe Ms. Aghakhani huge thanks and highly recommend her. She is an excellent teacher.
Amazing teacher
By: Parisa
Review Date: Sep 25, 2019
Tutor Rating:
Mrs. Sima is a very patient, nice and kind teacher. She has helped me a lot with math specially last year that I had a teacher that was not very understandable as much and in a limited time, she helped me master all the concepts. Every success I have in math class is because of her. The way she explains, makes math much more fun and easier to the point where it becomes exciting, because I didn’t use to like math before. Also, I am always comfortable to ask her questions and she would explain it to me as many times. She’s very sociable and always brings a positive mood to class, even when you’re having a bad day. To whoever looking forward to work with her, you will love her ;)
Highly recommend!!!!
By: Martina Mendez
Review Date: Nov 9, 2017
Tutor Rating:
Sima has been tutoring me for a year and since then my knowledge in math has grown very much. She is very passionate about math and therefore explains concepts clearly. She is very patient, I am able to ask as many questions as I want. She gives me extra practice to take home which is also very helpful. I feel very comfortable around her, she gives me confidence. I was getting a 60% and now I am at a 90%. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a math tutor. She is an amazing!
Amazing Teacher!
By: Afreen Janmohammed
Review Date: Jan 27, 2017
Tutor Rating:
Sima is such a great teacher. She explains all the concepts very clearly and she encourages questions which I love. In addition, her overall nature and personality are very welcoming.
Amazing tutoring service
By: Ali
Review Date: Jan 15, 2017
Tutor Rating:
Sima is very approachable to not only ask questions, but also receive clarifications. She provides extra practice sheets, and follows up during the next class. She is extremely friendly and passionate about teaching.
Sima Aghakhani's lessons
By: Anahita
Review Date: Oct 10, 2016
Tutor Rating:
I had creative maths lessons with her in my 9th and 10th grade and I can't put into words how amazingly effective her way of teaching is. She always uses applicable and general examples during class. She's very kind, but she's also serious when teaching.
By: Nika Arbabzadeh
Review Date: Oct 9, 2016
Tutor Rating:
Sima Aghakhani is an excellent tutor. She cares about her student's understanding of material and her teaching style is very unique. She made the material sound very inetersiting and easy to understand.
I strongly recommend her.
An excellent teacher who's teaching skills cannot be matched
By: Fatema Jiwaji
Review Date: Sep 5, 2016
Tutor Rating:
Sima had taught me Gr 12 math. She is one of the best teachers I have had, her teaching style is very different from others and she has a lot of patience. She gets to know the students well and creates a comfortable environment where I could feel free to ask any questions and always goes one step beyond in preparing her students. She is skilled and has a true passion for math which inspires the students to be more intrigued in what they’re learning. I strongly recommend her to anyone who needs any math help as she adapts her teaching skills according to the students needs.
Amazing experience
By: Bahar Golbon
Review Date: Jun 2, 2016
Tutor Rating:
Sima is an outstanding teacher. She creates a calm and comfortable environment that is easy to learn in and spends a lot of time helping her students understand everything thoroughly and ask any questions that they may have. In math it is important to understand the content to adapt to many questions and until my tutoring began with Sima, I wasnt able to do this. She truly helped me understand equations and various mathematical methods. I only spent 1 year with her for my grade 12 math courses and I have struggled in math throughout my school years. I usually ended with an 80% however, this year I expect to end with a 95%! This is a very drastic change for me. Finally, she is very very friendly and I recommend her to anyone who needs math help!
A teacher with an excellent teaching philosophy
By: Riaz Siddiqui
Review Date: Apr 2, 2015
Tutor Rating:
Sima taught my grandson grade 9 maths and helped him greatly improve his marks and has prepared him for grade 10 next year. She has the knack for not only making her students understand maths but develop their interest in the subject. I watched her teach my grandson every day and was greatly impressed by her method.
She teaches from depth of her heart.
By: Tina Abadi
Review Date: Sep 15, 2014
Tutor Rating:
I was her student for 2 years. She taught me math 8 and 9.
I wasn't good at math, so it took her time to teach me. I can surely say that she is one of the most patient teacher I have ever seen.
She would always answer my question kindly even when I asked them repeatedly.
She could explain tutorial objects well and students could understand deeply and easily, obviously indicating her own deep understanding of maths
Her teaching method made me enthusiastic about mathematics. By both her teaching skills and her great personality impact on my educational life.
Great teacher
By: Parnia F
Review Date: Sep 8, 2014
Tutor Rating:
great teacher! She helped me to learn and understand concepts easy. She listens carefully to every questions and then answer them with patience.She also gives many examples in different ways until you understand the subject very well!

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