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Matthew Potash

Math, Physics, Chemistry, why are they so difficult?? I am here to show you, or your child, that they do not have to be! Most teachers treat students as databases that they input information into. I however, am a firm believer that teaching is a two way street. (FLUENTLY BILINGUAL !!)

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Tutoring Locations
Quebec: Laval, Montreal, Sherbrooke
Ontario: Ottawa

Contact Information
Phone: 5144368195

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Prices vary depending on level of study, and frequency of visits

Type Fee
Individual  $25 - $40

Lesson Languages
English, French

Tutoring Services and Experience
Are you a student or parent of a student who is in need of a personalized attention? Look no further!

- I am a civil engineer with 2 years of working experience in the field.
- My specialties are Math and Physics.
- I am fluently bilingual (French/English)
- I travel between Montreal, Sherbrooke, and Ottawa quite frequently so I am
available in all 3 cities.
- My approach to tutoring is structured in a way that suits the needs of the
student above all else.

If you have tried other tutors without any success, I encourage you to give me a chance. I teach the way I would have liked to have been taught, I follow the speed of the student, and I am always open to adapting to the students preferences if need be.

Best of luck in your studies!

High school: Chemistry, Geography, Math, Physics
College and University: Engineering, Math, Physics

Calculus geometry Math Physics Engineering CEGEP High school

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