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Muhannad Kazzazi

I have a Bachelor of Science, specialty: Chemistry, from York University. I'm able to explain subjects for grade 11 and 12 Chemistry in a professional manner

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Tutoring Locations
Maple, woodbridge

Ontario: Vaughan

Contact Information
Phone: 416 414 9201
Phone: 905 5532 388

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
In addition, E-mail and Online

Type Fee
Individual  $20 - $30

Lesson Languages
English, Arabic

Tutoring Services and Experience
I can explain the following subjects:
1. The periodic table, metals, non-metals, inert gases, physical properties of matter.
2. Gases, and Gas laws
3. Moles, and the calculations related to it
4. Bonding: Ionic and Covelant (molecular orbital theory, valence bond theory, Bohor's model)
5. Acids and Bases, titration, indicators
6. Equilibrium, precipitation, spontaniety of reactions (thermodynamics)
7. Kinetics, orders of reactions, reaction rates
8. Organic Chemistry: hydrocarbon structures, funtional groups, organic reactions.
9. Inorganic Chemistry, electrochemistry

Middle school: Chemistry
High school: Chemistry

Chemistry, Science, English, Arabic, High, School, Middle

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