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Daniel Lee

My teaching specialties lie in writing and in English literature (I obtained Advanced Placement scores of 5/5 on both exams). I also teach Biology (5 on the AP exam).

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Quebec: Montreal

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Individual  $7 - $12
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Having personally gone through (and survived) high school, I know how taxing and tedious it can be. It is not very enjoyable to learn a rigid curriculum from teachers who are unable to engage their students. Through my years, I observed that students who are not engaged tend to do worse in class and to not wish to pursue further studies in the future. Unfortunately, even students with great potential for academic achievement are not rising to their capabilities because their teachers are unable to present the subject matter in ways that are interesting for the learning individual. My goal is to provide gifted high school students with the kind of learning environment in which they may rediscover the joy of learning. My teaching specialties lie in writing and in English literature, and I can teach Advanced Placement English Lang & Comp, as well as Advanced Placement English Lit & Comp (I personally obtained scores of 5/5 on both exams). I do not have much experience teaching Biology but I am capable of teaching it at the Advanced Placement level as well, as I had obtained a 5 on my AP Biology exam in high school.

High school: Biology, English, Literacy / Essay

English, Literature, Poetry, Seminar, Discussion, Biology, Science, Writing, Reading

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