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FutureGrads Math Science and English Tutoring

Doesn't Your Child Deserve the Best Education?
With FutureGrads you get "Quite Possibly the Best Tutors in BC"
Thousands of satisfied students since 1996. Guaranteed Grades Improvement at School. Promotional rates are valid for students joining by July.
Premium, Proven, Results,Guarantee

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Tutoring Locations
Online Tutoring Canadawide, Classroom and Home Lessons in Vancouver and Lower Mainalnd BC

British Columbia: Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Kelowna, Langley, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, Saanich, Surrey, Vancouver, Victoria, White Rock

Contact Information
Phone: 6042406284
Phone: 604-240-MATH
Web site:
Contact Person: Eric Steinman FutureGrads Services Limited 

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
You might be surprised that FutureGrads's prices are lower than previously reported in Vancouver and National newspapers ($75-$140/hr) Promotion- students joining by July will keep these rates

Type Fee
Individual  $59
Group  $15 - $25
Online  $25 - $49

Lesson Languages

Tutoring Services and Experience
Teaching is an Art… When I teach I feel like a painter trying to let the masterpiece in the canvas come out
1. Smart – See credentials, includes numerous awards in Math, Essay Writing, Science, History, Public Speaking, All-Round ability, and membership in Mensa High IQ Society.
2. Academic Success – See credentials, includes 2nd in Canada in Math, Perfect SAT score in Math, Graduates with Honours from McGill University.
3. Experience – Years and years, volunteer as a peer tutor for many years, then since 1996 as a career professional tutor. Tutored hundreds as regular students and thousands for evaluations in order to choose other tutors that would fit with their style. The ideal tutor is not the one who happens to live closest to you, but who has the right style for your learning personality.
4. Communicator Extraordinaire – Intuition, Psychic Ability? Just figuring out what it is that is making it hard for you to understand something, then inventing a solution that may be unique to only you . And Voila!, the “Fuzzy Eggs” concept of geometry was born, and the “Diet vs. Exercise” simple story for nuclear radiation. What was once complex or boring is now exciting and engrossing.
5. Results – My students perform much higher than ever expected. Even though the parents might have stressed that they did not want to push their child to be an A student or top of the class, it still happens accidently. This has actually led to multiple complaints that our teaching has led to marks that were too high at school. If you have the best teachers, you can expect the best results. While Google and Wikipedia might have evidence that in general, most other tutoring .has not delivered expected results (eg. SAT), FutureGrads has a proven track record of very large improvements (eg. At least 10-20 times more improvement in SAT marks)
6. Guarantees – We Guarantee Grades Improvement at School.
7. Testimonials – See Testimonials - Our toughest critics agree, FutureGrads is amazing.
8. Strategies – choosing the right courses, re-doing foundations with new grades, choosing the right universities, making the best preparation possible for applying, finding interests that are in harmonic symphony with your soul
9. Caring – Mr. Steinman truly cares about his students. It’s yet another reason people have chosen him again and again. Living by his alma mater’s creed of Non Nobis Solum, Mr. Steinman puts others’ needs ahead of his own. Don’t be surprised when he spends his precious little free time coming up with new ways to help you. He’s focused on your success. Little software programs must be running in the back of his mind 24 hours per day, thinking of the next awesome idea just for you.
10. Integrity –Possibly the first Tutoring Organization to be accepted into the Better Business Bureau of BC. We only offer to serve you if we see that there are real benefits for you. That’s the kind of honesty that would be nice to see more often. For example, if you want to take a Test Prep course when that test is not even needed for an application, we will warn you right away instead of quietly taking advantage of your unintended mistake.
11. Delivering 100% and more - We always provide full value for your education investment. To be more honest though, it should be noted that we usually give more than what we promise. For example, you would pay for 1 term, but we give you 1.5 terms of classes with no additional charge. Or the lessons were promised to be 2 hours long, but when you time them, you find out that they averaged out to be 2 hours and 15 minutes. Or we promised at least 200 points increase in SAT, but you improved by 320 points. We will not cut corners. Your role is to make a reasonable effort at our lessons, and we then deliver everything promised, and often quite a bit more.
12. Reliability- Since 1996, almost no sick days, there have been more leap years than absences. You will almost never hear an excuse from us. You might hear your teacher say, “I am sorry my car broke down at the last minute,” followed by,”that’s why I have found an emergency alternative to get to work on time that will end up costing me more than the entire price of the lesson. You have nothing to worry about.” (True story 2013.) That should be called a no-excuses excuse.
13. Hard Work – no time for apple-polishing.
14. Enthusiasm – this is not just a job, it’s a Life Calling!
15. Safety – fully vetted by the RCMP for Complete Criminal Background Clearance with VS check
16. Fun Factor – Why not enjoy this? Learning should be enjoyable, right?

Do we claim that Mr. Steinman can do everything under the sun? Absolutely not.
1. He cannot play the tuba.
2. He would fall off a unicycle on his first attempt.
3. When he sings all the dogs start howling.
On the other hand, when it comes to teaching people who really want to learn, then, for that range of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, he has it all.

High school: Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, English, ESL, Geography, History, Literacy / Essay, Math, Physics, Politics, Social Studies

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