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Steven Zhou

We Offer GRADES 1-12 & University Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, and French Tutoring, Mentoring, and Peer-Review Services.

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Tutoring Locations
BC certified teacher who have 15+ years experience

British Columbia: Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Vancouver

Contact Information
Phone: 7783885198
Phone: 7783889188

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Group Session only 30 dollars per hour per student for 2+ students

Type Fee
Individual  $55 - $65
Group  $30 - $35

Lesson Languages
English, Mandarin / Cantonese

Tutoring Services and Experience
BC Certified Teachers with 10+ years tutoring experience!!!

We provide ONE-ON-ONE tutoring services for:

1)ANY of Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, and French courses from Grades 1-12
2)University and College courses

A Typical Session Includes:

For Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

1. Prepare students for quizzes, tests, mid-terms and exams
2. Examine student understanding from the course material
3. Perform examples and exercises from course texts and notes in detail
4. Review material taught in class
5. Online laboratory, project, and assignment editing and assistance
8. Online course scheduled assistance with the entire course material for effective learning and high grades

For English and French: (Reading, Writing, and Oral)

1. Provide assistance with assignments, essays and projects
2. Edit and proofread written work
3. Review writing methods and structures
4. Practice and review grammar, sentence, and paragraph structure
5. Enhance vocabulary capacity and comprehension
6. University level essay writing, editing & research skills
7. English as a Second Language ESL lessons
8. Online essay editing
9. Online course scheduled assistance with the entire course material for effective learning and high grades

For University Courses We Offer ONE-ON-ONE Tutoring Services For The Following Subjects:

* Calculus I, II, Linear Algebra, Statistics
* Physics I, II,
* English

Our Locations:

1) Tutoring Centre located in Port Coquitlam
2) IN-HOME ONE-ON-ONE Tutoring .Our tutors will come to your home for tutoring services

***We provide tutoring in Vancouver,Burnaby,Coquitlam,Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey (Fees and tutoring services may vary by city and course level)***

Please call: 778-388 5198 for free consultation OR e-mail us for more information.

english french Teaching Method:
The Entry Test
Each new student is welcomed and individually assessed by writing an STS entry test. This test enables us to assign new pupils to a leaning group that comfortably matches their academic needs.
teaches the course
Highly Qualified tutors have the experience and techniques to fully engage and explain every concept or example as they teach. Students practice these lessons both in class and follow up with homework. Class sizes average six to eight pupils, insuring that each student gets the attention they need to succeed. And most importantly, we teach all classes in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum standards!
Homework and Quizzes
Homework is food for the brain, and our tutors serve up just the right amount to keep our students thinking between lessons. To maximize learning results, all levels of students are given 15 minute quizzes before the start of each new lesson. Each quiz is marked and corrected, ensuring that students understand what they have learned from the previous lesson.
Final Examination and Certificate
Upon completion of the course, each student is given a final examination. A student is given an STS certificate if he or she passes the final examination and has an attendance record of 75% or above.

Elementary school: Math, Science
Middle school: Chemistry, Computers and IT, English, Math, Physics
High school: Chemistry, Computers and IT, Math, Physics, Technology
College and University: Math

Video Introduction
how to accuratly graph a trigonometry function without using any earser, how to draw amplitude, period, information correctly

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