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Biology Tutors in Laval

This is a list of Biology tutors in Laval - 9 tutors found.
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Tutor Rating: 2 reviews
Individual Lesson Fee: $40
I am a certified science, math teacher with 12 years of teaching experience at High school and college level.
I have a Masters in Chemistry and a passion for teaching. I provide individualized tutoring service to my students and tailor my lessons as per the difficulties/needs of the students. - tutor profile
Derek Roberton PhD. BSc. Hons.
Tutor Rating: 1 review
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $50
I am a PhD graduate, and have completed my postdoctoral training at the Université de Montréal. I have a deep knowledge of Biology and Chemistry ranging from the High School level to University level. - tutor profile
Tutor Rating: 10 reviews
Individual Lesson Fee: $15 - $40
Nous offrons 6 centres pour mieux vous servir.
Ouest de l’île
Ville Saint-Laurent
514.562.3940 CALL NOW
Notre but...votre réussite
La devise est claire: Le Centre D'enseignement met en priori - tutor profile
Martin Dansky
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $20 - $30
I teach individuals who are new Canadians and native Quebecers needing to improve their communication skills in English and French ( beginners).Experienced with slow learners too!
I have also helped students pass their exams in their Bio and Math courses at high school and college levels. - tutor profile
Tutor Montreal
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $35 - $36
Quick Access to some of Montreal Best Tutors.Call 4388823555. - tutor profile
Expert Tutor
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $35
McGill, Electrical Engineering, Ph.D candidate, 3.75/4 McGill, Chemical Engineering, Ph.D candidate, 3.81/4 McGill, Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D candidate, 3.94/4 ETS, Civil Engineering, Ph.D candidate, 3.69/4; General Physician over 15 years experience; Concordia, Computer Engineering, Ph - tutor profile
Gustavo Uribe
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $35
I'm a Chemical Engineer with a high interest and experience in teaching. I've been helping students succeed in math, chemistry and physics courses for over five years. I guarantee that you'll gain a deeper understanding of the material and achieve the grade you want. - tutor profile
Luisa Pimentel
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $30
I am passionate about science education and communication. I am a caring and helpful person who understands the challenges that students have to face during their academic life. I also believe that when given the opportunity of counting on the right support net any student can excel. - tutor profile
Drew S
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $35 - $45
I have tutored in four countries for age ranges from small children to university students and adult learners. Contact me to get prepare technical English or improve math or science scores! - tutor profile

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Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy... about biology

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