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This is a list of French tutors in Montreal - 33 tutors found.
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Tutor Montreal
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $35 - $36
Quick Access to some of Montreal Best Tutors.Call 4388823555. - tutor profile
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $30 - $40
Our tutors are university and college students with exceptional adacemic records. We can provide you with a tutor for almost any subject at McGill, Concordia, Dawson College and many other schools.
Pharmacology - tutor profile
Yordan Neshev
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $15 - $25
I'm currently a first year student in Software Engineering at McGill University. I'm perfectly fluent in French as in English. I excel particularly in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, but I am able to teach many other subjects with ease. I've been tutoring for the past 3 years. - tutor profile

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