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By: Client
Review Date: May 6, 2017
Tutor Rating:
Very arrogant when talking to clients over phone. Need to polish your customer service skills buddy.
Sanjay - Most lovable & excellent teacher
By: Parul
Review Date: Apr 10, 2015
Tutor Rating:
“I started my lessons in the beginning of the school year (September) with Sanjay hoping to get ready for high school Mathemetics . I was getting an 60% in Grade 10 Mathemetics and was hoping to improve it there throughout high school. Sanjay quickly prepared me and started teaching important concepts of Mathemetics which i was learning slowley in other private class from university student, in order to get ahead for the new school year. We even started doing Function and Graphs! When semester 2 started it was a breeze and at midterms I was averaging a 90! Sanjay is a great teache. He is calm, happy and supportive and I hope he keeps up the good work.” Parents of Parul Dhillon Grade 11 ( David Suzuki Secondary School)

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