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Help with essays
By: Simone Liang
Review Date: Mar 11, 2013
Tutor Rating:
Writing essays have always been difficult for me, I think I have a lot of good ideas but I can never put the pieces together. Diana was very patient in teaching me how to put all pieces of the puzzle together to make a complete and well-written essay. I like how she doesn't just tell me what to write, but actually teaches me the writing process, and what is a good writing style vs. the bad ones. After several sessions with her, I feel like a better writer already! Thanks Diana!
Math 9 Mandatory
By: Nicole Albridge
Review Date: Mar 8, 2013
Tutor Rating:
Diana was unmistakably a good tutor, being responsible, punctual and most important of all, effective. Without her help, my daughter Lydia wouldn't have gotten a passing grade in math 9. Her explanations were easy to understand, plus she was a breeze of fresh air and fun for my daughter to be around. She also helped substantially with grade 9 science, even I learned some too. We both really appreciated her presence!

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