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Disorganized, Students given lack of attention
By: N.L
Review Date: Dec 19, 2015
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Many times I have brought this issue up to the manager but nothing has been done to resolve it. My son is not given enough assistance in his work. The tutors are usually watching over one or two students alongside tutoring my son. However, I have noticed that they haven't spent enough time working with him. Instead, they designate most of their hour to helping other students or preparing the student materials. This center is very disorganized. Other academies and centers always prepare my son's worksheets and lesson plans in advance. If you want to invest in a place that considers your child's education as its priority, I would recommend seeking that service elsewhere because this place is only seeking profits.
Money well spent !
By: S Hashmi
Review Date: Nov 21, 2013
Tutor Rating:
My son is doing Essay writing program at the Academy.
He had good English skills and is an A student but I was feeling that he needed someone to guide him on improving his expression and organize his essay writing. At the Academy they are doing it the traditional way with all the focus on grammar and spellings but with topics that interest my teenager so I feel that it is money well spent.
Money well spent
By: Mona Fernandes
Review Date: Sep 29, 2012
Tutor Rating:
My daughter failed her Grade 10 Math. She joined Academy at Parkways for math help. Not only she did great at the summer school getting 83% but now is more confident about her math skills in fact she loves math now..Thanks to the academy tutors.
Excellent Tutors and supportive environment
By: Michael
Review Date: Sep 14, 2012
Tutor Rating:
I felt very comfortable in the individual workstations system with no distractions and peer pressure. Great tutors with excellent knowledge and guidance.Lot of practise material was provided and prompmt feedback on all work.

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