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Teaching/ tutoring (live - online):
-Persian (Farsi) by native speaker (I am also familiar with Dari Farsi dialect but I cannot speak in that dialect).
-Math and Science (Elementary (grade 1-6)), Math and Chemistry (High School: grade7-11), and Chemistry (college, university)

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h3h 2e1 montreal

Quebec: Montreal

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Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Type Fee
Individual  $15 - $25
Group  $10 - $15
Online  $15 - $20
E-mail  $15 - $20

Lesson Languages

Tutoring Services and Experience
Teaching/ tutoring:
-Persian (Farsi) by native speaker for children or adults (live or online)(Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels).
(I am also familiar with Dari Farsi dialect but I cannot speak in that dialect).
-Math and Science for Elementary level (grade 1-6), and Chemistry for Secondary (High School: grade7-11), CEGEP (College) and University levels (General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry)

-Language of teaching: English or Persian/Farsi

-Teach or tutor live or Online, or by Email, Voice chat and/or Video conferencing (e.g., skype or google hangout).

-The class size: could be 1 student only (private lessons), or 2 - 3 students.

-Teaching location: I prefer teaching take place at my place but in some case I can come to your place.

-Education and Training:
PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Concordia university 2011-2016).
I am Iranian and Farsi is my native language and I have a deep interest in Persian literature including children's literature), Iranian linguistics, the humanities and education. I follow them by self study.

-Teaching Experience: It is my first experience as a private tutor. However I have experience as tutoring in the classroom as teaching assistant.

-Teaching schedule: However I prefer mornings (weekdays and weekends), but The schedule would be flexible.

-Payment policy: It depends on learners situation.


**For Persian (Farsi) language tutoring:

-The lessons, programs or activities: would help in the Grammar and Conversation.

-Levels of students: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

-Program Description: It depends on the level of the learners and what they need.

-Teaching Approach: The teaching approach primary focus on speaking, listening and writing more than learning grammar (learners can learn grammar and sentence diagramming by going through them). However the lessons and method depend to the level of learners and their needs. For example for beginners the first sessions will focus only on speaking and listening. There is also some supporting material (such as online books and files) in order to improve listening.

Elementary school: Math, Science
Middle school: Chemistry, Math
High school: Chemistry, Foreign Languages, Math
College and University: Chemistry, Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages: Farsi / Persian

Persian, farsi, Math, Science, Elementary, grade 1-6, Chemistry, Secondary, High School, grade7-11, CEGEP, College, University, General, Chemistry, Organic, Inorganic

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