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Andrej B

Hi all,

I provide a fun and informative way of teaching and I always take in consideration the needs and goals of the students as well as incorporate them in the lesson.

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Tutoring Locations
Alberta: Edmonton

Contact Information
Phone: 7805665852
Phone: 7805665852

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Type Fee
Individual  $20 - $45
Group  $35 - $60

Lesson Languages
English, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian

Tutoring Services and Experience
Hello all,

Not doing as well as you hoped? Scared about the upcoming diplomas? Midterms/Finals Upgrading? Looking for Diploma Prep for the April Diplomas?

I'm a University Student at the University of Alberta.

I specialize in Tutoring High School and University Courses:

I Tutor the Following High School Courses:
→ Math 10C/10-3, 20-1/20-2/20-3, 30-1/30-2/30-3 Math 31
→ Science 10, Biology 20/30, Chemistry 20/30, Physics 20/30

I Tutor the Following University Courses:
→ CHEM 101/102 (General Chemistry I& II
→ CHEM 261/263 (Organic Chemistry I & II)
→ CHEM 211/ 213 (Quatatative Analasyis Chemistry I & II)
→ CHEM 241/243 (Intro to Inorganic Chemistry/Advanced Inorganic Chemistry)
→ CHEM 298 (Intro to Spectroscopy)
→ MATH 114/115 (Elementary Calculus I & II)
→ BIOL 107/108 (Intro to Cell Bio/Intro to Bio Diversity)
→ BIOL 207/208 (Molecular Genetics and Heredity/Principles of Ecology)
→ ZOOL 224 (Verterbrate Diversity)

I have experience teaching these following courses and more.

My rates are flexible and I can cater to your avaliable budget.

If you would like to know more, book a session, have questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact me at: (780) 566 5852
or email at:

High school: Biology, Chemistry, Math
College and University: Biology, Chemistry, Math, Pharmocology, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics, Zoology

Chemistry, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, biology, calculus, algebra

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