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Lin Wang

We are couple. My husband, Lin Wang, teaches Math, Physics and Calculus. I, Xiaohong Sun, teach Chemistry and Science. Both of us hold degrees in Chemical Engineering and have about ten years tutoring experience. We provide English and Mandarin tutoring service for high school students.

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Tutoring Locations
Port Coquitlam

British Columbia: Burnaby, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver

Contact Information
Phone: 604-780-4824

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Type Fee
Individual  $40 - $55

Lesson Languages
English, Mandarin / Cantonese

Tutoring Services and Experience
Testimonial from our previous student Owen:

Mr. Lin Wang offers comprehensive yet understandable tutelage at a high level of expertise in the tutoring of my two great struggles: Math and Physics. Mr. Wang is not only able to locate his students’ weaknesses, but he is also able to offer insight into how to improve.

Furthermore, his many experiences in tutoring numerous students allow him to recognize and indicate frequently asked and tricky question types (which to be honest has saved my grade in exams too many times).

A unique aspect of his pedagogy is that he may one of the few tutors who are familiar with IB and SAT test materials, which in turn entails more guided and thoughtful learning sessions.

Testimonial from our previous student Kay:

Thanks to Mr. Wang, I was more than confident going into my math and physics exams. My first tutoring sessions prepared me for my IB Math finals and SAT Math, which are intimidating exams. Mr. Wang managed to pinpoint all my weaknesses and thoroughly explain anything I was unsure about. He is incredibly familiar with the BC curriculum as well as the topics covered in IB and SAT tests. While prepping for SAT tests, Mr. Wang patiently taught me concepts that were n’t covered in school. I learned test-writing tips and techniques that helped my individual needs.

Tutoring sessions with Mr. Wang were surprisingly not stressful. He is so patient and dedicated to helping me understand the work that I was n’t at all scared or embarrassed to constantly ask questions. He knew which topics I had trouble with and would gladly explain again, in another way so I could understand. There’s no doubt that Mr. Wang helped me be successful in my exams! !

Testimonial from our previous student Angel:

I took SATs Chemistry under Ms. Sun. Ms. Sun gives detailed explanation for difficult chemistry concepts. She also provided an abundant of resources in preparation for the big exam. Ms. Sun follows a vigorous schedule and always reviews chapters and concepts recently covered. I was able to cover much of the material in a relatively short time and have a firm grasp on the major concepts. All of her teachings and materials also helped understand the more difficult materials in IB Chemistry. Ms. Sun is able to set a good foundation for me, which I was able to build as the materials got harder and harder, and prepared me well for the SAT Chemistry test.

Testimonial from our previous student Amanda:

It is a sad fact that chemistry 12 is one of the most frighteningly difficult and intellectually-demanding course that I took in high school. Initially, my grades plummeted along with my hopes of pursuing science. I dreaded chemistry to the point where I even had nightmares of it every night (yes this may sound silly but it’s true). My last-ditch attempt at saving myself involved googling for a chemistry tutor and that was how I came across Ms. Sun. A patient and experienced tutor, Ms Sun was able to accurately pin point areas that caused me confusion and found many ways of explaining concepts until understood them. It thanks to Ms Sun that I had developed reasoning skills that prove to be an invaluable asset. It is also thanks to Ms. Sun that I have been offered admission into UBC’s Bachelor of Science Program. To those who are looking for a chemistry tutor, I highly recommend hiring Ms. Sun.

Testimonial from our previous student Benjamin:

Being a student of both Mr. Wang and Ms. Sun , they are more than just average tutors for me. Apart from solidifying my fundamentals and schoolwork, they also gave me passion to learn, improved my confidence levels., taught me further: giving me lectures of advanced theories and concepts beyond the high school curriculum.

With Mr. Wang, I came to him for assistance in math and physics. He is an extremely fun and intelligent individual, turning what could’ve been an arduous two hours of class into a very lively and humorous yet well-educated lesson.I would like to thank Mr. Wang for teaching me this lesson.

As I entered the IB Diploma programme, I took on Chemistry HL. Chemistry was a completely foreign subject to me. When I first started the subject, I put minimal effort in and fell behind very quickly. However coming to Ms. Sun completely changed my attitude. The more she taught me, the more I liked the subject. The transformation was incredible, I turned from the below average chemistry student to one of the top in my class. However it hasn’t stopped there, my admiration for the field of chemistry has grown to a point where I would like to pursue it in the future at university. Therefore I sincerely give my thanks and gratitude to Ms. Sun, who has opened up my future path for me.

To those reading this testimonial, Mr. Wang and Ms. Sun are two incredible individuals and two outstanding tutors. I highly recommend them to you.

High school: Chemistry, Math, Physics

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