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Alex Siemens

Tutoring/assistance in learning anything numbers/electronics related.

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Tutoring Locations
Winkler and surrounding area (~15km)

Manitoba: Winkler

Contact Information
Phone: 2047120506
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Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Prices per hour, group max of 5

Type Fee
Individual  $10 - $20
Group  $20 - $45
Online  $10
E-mail  $10

Lesson Languages

Tutoring Services and Experience
My experience is limited, but is highly rated. So far it has been just my siblings, mostly while they were home-schooled, and more recently a student who is working through the equivalent to 1st year university calculus. As you'll notice I have no qualifications besides my ability to understand concepts extremely fast.

I have been home schooled most of my life which meant I had the curriculum presented to me and I had to read to understand, this worked out well for me so when I did go to school, the only thing that threw me for a loop was the fact that concepts were being presented in a different order. Even so I excelled in math and science related subjects. Outstanding in my memory was my Grade 10 Pre-Cal final exam mark of 96%.

My goal in tutoring is to explain the "why", it's easier to remember something if you know why it works that way. Working through problems one step at a time and explaining why it works the way it does. I myself have a very hard time getting things done if I don't understand the "why".

High school: Computers and IT, Math, Physics
Computers and IT: Windows

Calculus, Microsoft, Office, Pre Cal,

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