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JR Music Studio

We offer high quality music services including music lessons, recording, accompanying, and live music for private functions, corporate events, and weddings. Our organization consists of highly skilled professionals who are accomplished in their career as full time performers and teachers.

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Ontario: Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Vaughan

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Individual  $40
Group  not specified

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Tutoring Services and Experience
Before you start looking at some details regarding our music lessons please see what makes us different from the other schools and teachers you find in the area? Below are listed some of the common business practices that may affect the quality of your and your child's education.

Other businesses:
1. Most of the music schools in the area divide the income from the lessons usually 50-50 between the teacher and the management. This means that 50% or more of the entire cost of a lesson stay with the management and the teacher keeps the rest. Occasionally the split varies between 60%-40% and 40%-60%. This often means that a music teacher employed by an average school has to devote his attention to other often non-music related activities or maximize the number of his/her students in order to make a living. This puts teachers in a position where they so not have time for advancing their knowledge about music and education. Because it is hard to make enough income in one music school even the teachers who are very knowledgeable must often focus more energy and attention on their own private students and other music assignments.

JR Music Studio
Our teachers do not have to share the income from the lessons with the management and are able to keep entire 100% for themselves. This means they do not have to teach as much as teachers employed by the other schools, they are not overworked with teaching, can focus their entire energy and attention on a smaller number of students, have much more time for their self-development in the field of music performance and education, and therefore are able to give more knowledge and heart to their pupils.

Other businesses:
2. Some of the schools put an additional pressure on the teacher to chase after the students for payments and take care of the finances what should be solely the responsibility of the school management. This adds to the overall frustration and influences the atmosphere between the teachers and the school which often rubs off on the students.

JR Music Studio
Our management does not play a role of a middleman between the teacher and the student. This creates more flexibility between the two parties with time and the form of payment; it also eliminates many complications and the general bureaucracy.

Other businesses:
3. Some of the music schools offer instruction at a rate that seams to be very attractive at first. Unfortunately, following the famous proverb of our days "you get what you pay for", because of their low tuition fees such schools struggle greatly to hire adequately qualified and experienced teachers and consequently must rely on younger, usually inexperienced and undereducated teaching force composed of instructors who often are just students themselves or do music on the side. More experienced teachers with high qualifications will turn and look for work at institutions and places where they can earn more money in return for their knowledge and skills.

JR Music Studio
In contrast, our teachers are well qualified, are not underpaid, do not have to spread themselves thin over other non-music related activities, and therefore are able to approach their teaching assignment seriously, putting their full effort into each lesson.

All our teachers have spent many years learning and refining their craft in teaching and performance. They are all university trained, and are diligent in keeping knowledgeable and up to date in current musical education practices and materials. When you study with one of our teachers you can be confident with the wealth of experience they bring into the studio.

Additionally, we teach ethnic musics of China, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and Africa. We also teach free improvisation the techniques of which can be applied to many genres of music, and band classes where you can lean to work with fellow musicians in an ensemble setting.

Please visit our website to find out more about what makes us different.

Arts and Music: Composition, Conducting, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Jazz, Music theory, Piano, Violin, Vocal

piano, guitar, percussion, theory, violin, flute, voice, conducting, improvisation, band classes, ensembles, accompanying, recording, classical, jazz

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