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Pearl's Tutoring

Teacher Approved Math Curriculum, Specializes Grade 6 - 10. GUARANTEED Letter Grade Improvement within 3 months.

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Tutoring Locations
Teacher's Location @Guildford & Lansdowne, Coquitlam BC

British Columbia: Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, Vancouver

Contact Information
Phone: 7788821877
Phone: 7788821877
Web site:
Contact Person: Pearl Leong 

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Available in 3 Months Packages *Guarantee Grades Change*, Includes all Teacher Certified Curriculum & Materials

Type Fee
Individual  not specified
Online  not specified

Lesson Languages

Tutoring Services and Experience
Do you want your child to catch up and excel with Grade 6 - 10 Math WITHIN 3 months?

Our Teacher-Approved Curriculum consists of distinguished (#1 World’s Highest Standard) mathematical skills, techniques and problem-solving strategies that have proven to help children build strong Mathematical foundation within a short period of time.

Our approach establishes for children a healthy relationship with numbers, increases their self-confidence, and gears them towards being independent solution-orientated individuals.

Developing these crucial mathematical tools, help children assimilate back into their grade level learning, gain greater confidence, and opens doors to future career opportunities.

+ Proven Results

+ Teacher-Approved Curriculum

+ Powerful Math Techniques, Skills & Strategies

+ Increased Problem-Solving Abilities

+ Builds Mathematical Foundation

+ Individualized learning Environment

+ Better Self-esteem and Confidence

+ Student catches up / Exceeds Grade Level Learning

+ Guaranteed Letter Grade Change* within 3 months

+ Long-term cost saving and effective (On-going Tutoring Unnecessary)

+ Monthly Teacher-Parent Feedback

------------------------ About Pearl Leong --------------------

Pearl Leong is a Professional BC Certified Teacher and Founder of Pearl’s Tutoring.

Along with 20 years of tutoring success, she combines her training in Singapore Math (The World’s Highest Standards) with her education at University of British Columbia, to create a Mathematical Curriculum that has proven to help many students rebuild their confidence and Mathematical fundamentals within a short period of time.

Her dream is to reach out and help every child enjoy Math, develop greater confidence, and ultimately achieve phenomenal success in their lives.

Middle school: ESL, Math

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