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Ahmed Abdelfattah

- Master of Business Administration (MBA), Major: Strategic Management & Minor: Marketing, 2011
- Master of Science (MSC) in Computer Sciences, 2004
- Bachelor of Science (BSC) in Computer Sciences, 2000

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Tutoring Locations

Ontario: Ottawa

Contact Information
Phone: 6133029851
Phone: 6138001438

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Prices per Hour

Type Fee
Individual  $10 - $15
Group  $5 - $10
Online  $5 - $10
E-mail  $2 - $5

Lesson Languages
English, Arabic

Tutoring Services and Experience
Teaching Assistant – Faculty of Computers & Information systems

I was working for 5 years in Misr International University, Faculty of Computers and Information systems. The following are the subjects I assist in through these academic years:

1st Year
Subject Code Subject Name Instructor Name
CSC104 Introduction to Computer Programming Prof. Moustafa El-Arabaty
Dr. Neveen Ghali
BAS105 Calculus I Prof. Moh'd Ibrahim Hassan
CSC105 Algorithms and Programming Solving Prof. Moustafa El-Arabaty
Dr. Gaber Sharawy
BAS115 Statistics & Probability Dr. Ehab Yassen

2nd Year
Subject Code Subject Name Instructor Name
CSC210 Data Structure and Algorithms Dr. Neveen Ghali
IS210 Introduction to Information Systems Dr. Maha El-Nagar
Dr. Zaki Taha
BAS210 Discrete Math And Linear Algebra Dr. Neveen Ghali
CSC230 Introduction to Data Base Dr. Neveen Ghali
Dr. Gaber Sharawy
CSC240 Object Oriented Programming Dr. Mahmoud Khalil
Dr. Zaki Taha
CSC250 Operating Systems I Dr. Tarek El-Foli
Dr. Mahmoud Khalil
CSC215 Algorithms Design I Prof. Moustafa El-Arabaty
BAS215 Statistical Analysis Dr. Ehab El-Khodary

3rd Year
Subject Code Subject Name Instructor Name
AI320 Artificial Intelligence Prof. Moustafa El-Arabaty
SE305 Software Engineering Prof. Moustafa El-Arabaty
Prof. Moustafa Sami
CSC344 Programming with JAVA Dr. Ayman Bahaa
CSC355 Computer Networks I Dr. Mohamed Watheq

4th Year
Subject Code Subject Name Instructor Name
AI371 Expert Systems Prof. Mostafa El-Arabaty
CSC415 Algorithms Design II Dr. Tamer El-Zouhairy
CSC420 Parallel Programming Dr. Mohamed Watheq
CSC402 Graduation Project I & II Prof. Mostafa El-Arabaty
Prof. Hoda Hosny
Eng. Ashraf Abd El-Raouf

Plus the academic working, I was responsible for the following:
1. Worked in the development of the internal courses materials for the faculty.
2. Putting the semesters schedules (fall, spring, summer) for the hall 4 years students.
3. Putting Exam Schedules.
4. Advisor for freshman, Senior and Probation students.
5. Working in students’ affair committee.
6. University Coordinator for the Physics Department.
7. Responsible for the subject’s grade distribution (fall, spring, summer).
8. Responsible for the selection of books for the faculty.
9. Responsible for contacting the professors and lecturers.

Elementary school: Math
Middle school: Business Studies, Computers and IT, Math
High school: Communication Skills, Computers and IT, Math
College and University: Business / MBA, Computer Science and IT
Sports and Recreation: Swimming
Foreign Languages: Arabic

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