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Jason Feng

I'm willing to go the extra step to help you understand what's going on, not just doing problems alone.

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Tutoring Locations
You'll have to email me about meet up locations, I'd ideally like meetup in Downtown Toronto or in Scarborough.

Ontario: Toronto

Contact Information

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
I'm only doing one on one sessions for the sake of the student.

Type Fee
Individual  $10 - $15

Lesson Languages

Tutoring Services and Experience
I'm a second year university student studying mathematics. I have a lot of passion in the subject and I'm willing to struggle with you on the concepts so you don't have to struggle with the problems any longer. Other than just maths(since more tutors doesn't allow me to put down more than 1 subject per level), I can also teach high school and first year Chemistry and Physics if it is needed.

High school: Math
College and University: Math

Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Functions, Vectors, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra.

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