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Michael Lee

Canadian born Korean that can help with improving beginner ESL students

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Tutoring Locations
In and around downtown Toronto

Ontario: Toronto

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Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees

Type Fee
Individual  $10 - $15

Lesson Languages
English, Korean

Tutoring Services and Experience

My name is Michael Lee. I was born and raised around Toronto. I am a Canadian born Korean who has experience teaching adult ESL students at an ESL school.
I am a very easy-going, well-spoken and very well mannered in a Canadian sense because of my more Canadian-Korean up-bringing (background).
And if you have read this much, the FIRST CLASS IS FREE!!! WHO DOESN'T LIKE FREE!!! It is free because I would just like to get a feel for who you are and if I am able to help one another. If I am able to help, that's great. But if I am unable to help, than that is just life saying that "some people were meant to meet and some people you weren't" that's all ^_^ I usually like to say that "Life is meant to be fun and exciting, so why not meet a new friend everyday. Because you'll never know who you meet unless you introduce yourself"
I am able to understand Korean that is spoken to me and be able to translate that into the correct or closest meaning to the English Language. I have worked with the Grammar In Use textbooks many times before. As well as, teaching students all sorts of English idioms. I am able to have regular conversation in a friendly teacher-student relationship.
I do, currently, have two of my students that are teaching ESL in South Korea.

Thank you for reading,
Michael Lee

Elementary school: Communication Skills, English, ESL, Reading, Science
Middle school: English, ESL
High school: Biology, English, ESL
College and University: Biology, Communication
Test Preparation: TOEFL, TOESL
Sports and Recreation: Fitness, Hokey, Skating

ESL, Free, Class, Beginner, Intermediate, Grammar In Use, Idioms, Conversation, Fun, Friendly, Nice

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