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Aaron K

My name is Aaron. I'm currently a 3rd year student enrolled in the Economics and Statistics specialist program at the University of Toronto - St. George Campus.

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Tutoring Locations
Downtown Toronto - willing to travel within city limits via TTC

Ontario: Toronto

Contact Information
Phone: 416-209-1130
Phone: 416-323-3240

Lesson Types and Tutoring Fees
Fees Negotiable

Type Fee
Individual  $17 - $22
Group  $18 - $22

Lesson Languages

Tutoring Services and Experience
I have a long history of tutoring in high school mathematics and calculus and university calculus, statistics and economics. I began tutoring for the University of Toronto in my 2nd year for 1st year students struggling with Intro Calculus, Linear Algebra and Economics - receiving an award afterwards. I'm a very patient and understanding tutor, who is very attentive to the needs of students. I help a lot with laying out the fundamentals and explaining topics in a great deal of depth, so that students are able to apply these to their work. I have a great number of references, in which I can supply to you.

I have received a 4.0 GPA in university-level Intro Theoretical Calculus, Intro Economics, Intro Theoretical Statistics and 3rd-year Stochastic Processes.

I live at the very heart of Downtown Toronto, but I am willing to tutor students in the Toronto area - as long as it's in within reasonable distance via TTC.

For Mathematics, I can tutor students in high school which includes Grade 12 calculus, geometry or data management and any 1st-year university math course.

For Economics, I can tutor students in high school and 1st-year university-level economics.

For Statistics, I can tutor students up to 2nd-year university.

My rate is open to negotiation. I can assure you, that should you decide to hire me, you will not be disappointed and you will feel a lot more comfortable with the material. Many have said that I'm very exceptional at explaining material and going over the most important topics. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

High school: Math
College and University: Economics, Math, Statistics

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