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Chemistry Tutors in Montreal

This is a list of Chemistry tutors in Montreal - 64 tutors found.
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Abdie Athanas
Tutor Rating: 1 review
Individual Lesson Fee: not specified
Convenient One to One sessions
Passionate and Dedicated Tutors
Scheduling and Moderating Peer Study Groups
Monthly progress reports - tutor profile
Abhinav Goyal
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $30
I can teach at the level you understand with great tips and how to learn effectively. - tutor profile
Adam Hirsch
Tutor Rating: 2 reviews
Individual Lesson Fee: $35
Montreal Math tutoring has a team of experienced and reliable math tutors. We offer in-home tutoring, and support even after leaving your home through e-mail, online forum, or by phone. Full details at - tutor profile
Adrian Carlesimo
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $30
Experienced tutor bot in private and public spheres. Good wit kids of all ages and levels of learning. Fluent in French, English and Italian.
I love tutoring because it is very fulfilling to see my students progress and achieve the results they want. - tutor profile
Ana Maria Ibarra
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $15 - $35
I am chemist and I have been teaching chemistry at university level for 5 years. I understand that chemistry can be overwhelming at the begging so I like to demonstrate to my students how relevant and familiar it actually is - tutor profile
Ashleigh Hart
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $60
I am an experienced and reliable tutor for Elementary, High School, CEGEP and University Students. I have experience in all Elementary subjects, and specialise in Science and Math at the higher levels. - tutor profile
Asif Iqbal
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $25 - $40
McGill PhD student, experienced in tutoring for 7 years (CEGEP: Physics, Math, science and undergrad course of EE) - tutor profile
Beaconsfield Math and Science
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $45
Part-time math and science teacher (LBPSB) offers dynamic and engaging tutoring sessions to primary and secondary students. Personalized programs (inattention, attention deficit, math disability, French as a second language). Ask about a fun-filled 'Math Party'. - tutor profile
Ben B.
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: $34
I am currently completing my PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. I have two Master’s degrees in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and оver 7 yeаrs оf experience in оne-оn-оne tutоring. - tutor profile
Brightside Learning
Tutor Rating: not rated
Individual Lesson Fee: not specified
Brightside Learning offers Academic Coaching and Literacy programs for students from Kindergarten to Cegep. Visit us at for more information! - tutor profile

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From Wikipedia
Chemistry is the science of matter and the changes it undergoes... about chemistry

Organic chemistry is a subdiscipline within chemistry involving the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparationof carbon-based compounds, hydrocarbons... about organic chemistry

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